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A Well Being Advisor 

Linda has been successfully helping clients reach their health and fitness goals by putting their bodies in the state where they are no longer dependent on blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds or anti depressants.

She has committed herself to the improvement of her clients overall health while constantly researching the latest equipment and new ways of training.  Linda cares about her clients and is thrilled to see their transformation of body, belief systems and ultimately, their lives.

What People Are Saying…

  • Mark A.

    Linda is an amazing trainer. Her dedication to the quality of her workouts is over the top. She has a great personality along with a good work ethnic. She is tough but fair. If you want to start looking and feeling better, Linda is your training.
    This customer rated you highly for professionalism, work quality, and responsiveness.

  • Gage M.

    I've been a client for about 6 years. Linda tailors my workouts to my abilities and varies the exercises to keep them from being boring. Workouts are challenging, but she never gives me an exercise that is beyond my limits. She is extremely knowledgeable about the physiology of all of the muscle groups and how to work them for maximum benefit.
    This customer rated you highly for work quality, and professionalism.

  • Dianne L.

    She is very passionate for fitness also very caring and kind personality which which helps in the ability to build strong relationships with her clients
    This customer rated you highly for work quality, value, responsiveness, and professionalism.

  • Erika D.

    I originally signed up for private classes with Linda as my personal trainer for just 3 months - to lose weight for my wedding. Now, more than a year after my wedding, I’m still working with Linda. I just couldn’t stop! She is great at setting a challenging, but fair exercise regimen as well as educating me on a healthy diet that together have helped me lose weight and get into the best shape of my life! She’s a total sweetheart who is great at motivating you to keep going. She makes working out at the gym fun. I would recommend her highly to anyone!
    This customer rated you highly for work quality, responsiveness, and professionalism.

  • Bill H.I was able to gain confidence and ability each week.

    Earlier this year I contacted Linda to discuss my need to improve my strength and overall fitness. By babying my bad knees for years I was in a position where my legs were very weak, I was overweight and my overall muscle tone was poor. Linda mapped out a nutrition plan and starting training me right away. I expected myself to fail since I had not exercised in 35 years! With Linda’s thoughtful and careful guidance I was able to gain confidence and ability each week. Within the first 6 weeks I was walking noticeably better and didn’t rely on Aleve to get me thru the day! For me thats amazing on its own! I can again walk up stairs two at a time, even with my bad knees! (Both are overdue for replacement!) Linda works with you to gain strength and balance and she teaches you on how to perfect your form, which is so important in exercise! Linda is an amazing personal trainer who is truly invested in helping you attain your fitness goals. We are currently working on an intensive “pre-hab” for my upcoming knee replacement. My orthopedic surgeon is totally impressed with my physical conditioning and weight loss achievements so far. He believes that it’s the best thing I could do to insure that my upcoming surgery is successful! My advise... don’t procrastinate any further, contact Linda Steel Training & Fitness and get moving on a better you!
    This customer rated you highly for professionalism, work quality, responsiveness, value, and punctuality.

  • Marc C.Lose a few lbs....

    Linda helped me get toned up & lose a few lbs....she gets an "A" for motivation!
    This customer rated you highly for professionalism, responsiveness, and value.

Qualifications and Certifications:


  • DePaul University, BA

  • Well-being advisor

  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  • ISSA Certified Elite Trainer

  • Specialist in Performance Nutrition

  • Specialist in Exercise Therapy

  • Specialist in Senior Fitness

  • Certified Partner Assisted Stretch

  • AED/CPR Certified

  • Certified Group Ex Instructor

  • Entrepreneur

  • Podcast and Radio Show co-host

  • Professional Model

Previous Events

Nashville, TN

SWIFT Summit

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Saturday, May 21st, 2022

“Reinventing Yourself” at 2:30 pm

“Power of Social Media” at 4:45 pm