Linda Steele

Linda has been featured in many magazines over the years, in the United States and the United Kingdom.

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First-time author Linda Steele is a creative, passionate and
dedicated entrepreneur determined to improve the lives of others
through safe, efficient fitness. As a certified personal trainer, a
performance nutrition and exercise therapy specialist, a podcast
and radio show co-host, and a professional model, she believes
that small goals and lifestyle changes can grow into massive
accomplishments. Linda has successfully been helping clients reach
their health and fitness goals for over eighteen years by putting
their bodies in a state where they are no longer dependent on blood
pressure meds, cholesterol meds or anti-depressants. She has spent
most of her career training clients to care for their bodies by
helping them better understand the body-mind connection. Her
three-prong fitness, nutrition, and well-being approach have
transformed countless lives. Nerves of Steele was written to inspire
people to change for the better and remind them that reinvention,
while challenging, can be rewarding. As Linda reminds us,
“Walking away from a toxic situation is not quitting —it is not
giving up—it is survival.”

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