Nerves of Steele

By Linda Steele

                   Photo: Linda Steele

                   Photo: John Flynn


My Book

In this intensely raw and candid personal account of a childhood filled with emotional trauma, Linda Steele comes face to face with the reality she had spent a lifetime trying to bury. Carrying her past into her adulthood relationships, she found the cycle continued.

In Nerves of Steele, Linda powerfully shares the protective mechanisms she developed to help her forget, but in the end, found she wasn’t truly free of the trauma. She takes the reader step-by-step to the realization that though we may not forget we can learn to move forward intentionally, courageously, and with resilience, alongside any trauma life hands us. 

“This book moved me like no other! This woman is a veritable powerhouse of positive energy. Looking for inspiration?… Look no further.”

– Leonel Wasim

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